Renmin University of China


Learn to Speak Mandarin ChineseFounded in 1937 and originally called Shan Bei Public School, the university was officially established in 1950 as Renmin University of China (RUC). It is a key comprehensive university and also known as the People's University of China. Since its establishment, the university has become an important teaching and research base in the areas of humanities, social sciences and management sciences in China. Also famous for its "'A' Standard in the Humanities and Social Sciences in China's Higher Education Sector" status, Renmin University also includes a substantial number of research centers, transitional centers for postdoctoral studies, a School of Continuing Education, School of Education and Training, and the Shenzhen Research Institute.

Study Chinese Language in ChinaThe university has been continuously adapting itself to meet China's process of modernization and development and has achieved new accomplishments in Party development and consolidation, political and ideological work, in educational reform, syllabus design, scientific research, academic exchanges, campus planning and construction. Renmin University has given intellectual support and made positive and significant contributions to China's economic construction and social development, and enjoys great prestige both in China and abroad.

Over the past 68 years, Renmin has been consistent in its objectives to educate and cultivate talented personnel for the cause of socialist development. The university has produced 180,000 highly qualified and talented graduates specializing in various fields, and has made great contributions to China's socialist revolution, development and reform.

Study Mandarin Chinese in China Now, the university is focusing more on promoting China's economic and social development to the world since the majority of its students are studying the humanities and social sciences. Renmin University is also playing an active role in politics, economics and social studies. Renmin University alumni include first-class talents in various fields who have made great contributions to national development and progress. Currently, Renmin has an enrollment of 18,752 students, including 1,066 international students from countries and regions all around the world.


Renmin University comprises of 21 schools and has attained top ranking among all universities in China in three fields of study. International students can be accepted to study in every specialty according to their needs and interests provided they have met the university's entry requirements. The reputation of the university attracts many students from China and abroad to study at Renmin University each year.

The School of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language offers various short-term Chinese language training programs to international students, together with the opportunity to make friends and become acquainted with China. The School's motto is "Learn Chinese language, experience Chinese culture, and make Chinese friends."

For short-term studies, students are able to enroll in a two weeks up to six weeks course. Short courses run in the summer and winter. Semester-long and one-year programs are available in the Spring and Fall for students who are keen to immerse themselves fully in Chinese learning. There are 18-22 students in each class.

Placement tests are held at the beginning of every semester in order to assign students an appropriate class. All Chinese proficiency levels are available, from total beginner, beginner, and intermediate up to advanced classes. Chinese courses taken on short-term and long-term programs include listening, reading and conversation classes. There are four hours of classes scheduled in the morning, Monday to Friday. Certificates are awarded at the end of successful completion of the program.

From time to time, as part of the program, extracurricular activities such as watching movies, attending theatrical performances, and visits to some historical sites are arranged. Additionally, option elective courses are available and usually held in the afternoon, and these could include Chinese culture, Tang Dynasty poetry, reading novels, calligraphy, painting and so on.


Renmin has a large group of highly qualified and experienced teachers and staff members. There are 1,485 members of the teaching staff, including 424 professors and 595 associate professors. Most of the staff have received many awards and scholarships from China and abroad. Highly qualified and well-structured teaching and research has been cultivated over many years.

Renmin University is also one of the top ranking universities in terms of the number of scholars who have gained official recognition from both the national and Beijing municipal governments. Moreover, 198 eminent scholars from overseas and 930 well-known intellectuals and scientists from various fields have taught and researched at Renmin as honorary professors, resident professors or part-time professors.

The Chinese Language and Culture Department has more than 30 professional teachers giving Chinese classes to international students. These teachers are selected carefully by the university and have many years of experience teaching international students. All teachers are expert native Chinese speakers, fully certified by the State Ministry of Education.

Campus Facilities 


Founded in 1937, Renmin University Library has 15 reading rooms with more than 1,800 seats. The reading rooms provide consultation services, inter-library loans, binding services, audio-visual equipment and a number of other services. The library has a collection of 2,500,000 volumes, including large collections on humanities, social sciences, economics and administration. More than 3,000 essential periodicals are available and there are 400,000 thread-bound classical books and 30,000 copies of rare books. The library also offers convenient access allowing visitors to use the digital resource facilities.

Recreation Facilities

Renmin University of China boasts the largest and most modern university gym in China. There are also indoor and outdoor basketball courts, tennis courts, a large sports ground and a first-class swimming pool on campus, all of which are open to students for a fee. A full program of lectures, films and concerts makes campus life more vivid. The Students' Union also runs its own varied programs of social events and entertainment.


Students can wash their clothes in the washing facilities provided on every floor of the dormitory buildings. For those who need a dry cleaning service, Laundromat can be found conveniently located on the university campus. The famous Prandler Laundromat is just five minutes away, and provides a better service than standard dry cleaning.

Money & Banking

A branch of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China is available on campus. The bank has a 24-hour ATM and accepts all foreign currencies. A range of services are also available for international students, including money transfers and currency exchange.
Opening Hours: 9 am 每 5 pm, all week long

Medical Care

There is a small Chinese clinic on campus with Chinese-speaking doctors and nurses. Haidian Hospital is located off campus within 10 minutes walking distance. Some of the doctors at Haidian Hospital can speak good English.There is a well-stocked pharmacy which offers Western medication and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) ingredients. The hospital is open 24 hours a day and payment can be made by cash or credit card.

An international hospital, called SOS, is located in Chaoyang District and provides 24-hour services. SOS offers comprehensive medical services including dentistry, counseling, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, nutrition and TCM. The on-site pharmacy stocks Western medication and TCM ingredients. Clinic appointments can be made by call (8610) 6462-9112, and dental appointments at (8610) 6462-0333.

Food & Groceries

Basic dining options are provided by the university dining halls, which serve up a large selection of food at reasonable prices and are open all week long. Additionally, there are cafes, restaurants and bars on campus, including Chinese, Muslim, Korean, Japanese and Western eateries. A convenience store and bookstore are located on campus. The convenience store provides many kinds of food, drinks, snacks and other essentials such as soap, shampoo and much more. Carrefour supermarket is not very far from Renmin University, about 5-10 minutes away by bus.

Postal Services

A post office is available on campus providing comprehensive postal services, where students can send and receive mail and packages from China and abroad. The post office is open from Monday to Friday.


Dormitory accommodation for international students is available in Renmin University, which provide single and double rooms. Each room in the dormitories is kitted out with a bed, telephone, air conditioner, central heating system, television, and internet access. A shared laundry room is available in each building.


From airport to the campus: 60 minutes by taxi

From train station to the campus: 40-50 minutes by taxi