Beijing Climate

Beijing's climate is known for its hot summers, cold winters, and very pleasant fall and spring seasons.

Spring in Beijing

Spring in Beijing Spring is short, dry and dusty. Anytime from April to May, for a two weeks period, Beijing may experience "dust storms". That is to say that fine dust particles blown all the way from the Gobi Desert in the northwest may come and sandpaper everything in sight. An experience that should not be missed!

Clothing: Jeans, pants, shirts, skirts, t-shirts, light sweaters, jacket, windbreaker, shoes/runners, etc.

Summer in Beijing

Summer in Beijing

Summers are hot and a little humid, with temperatures reaching as high as 38 degrees Celsius. On occasions in July, there are heavy thundershowers that can be accompanied by interesting lightening shows.

Clothing: Shorts, skirts, pants, T-shirts, runners/sandals, etc.

Autumn in Beijing

Autumn in Beijing

Autumn is the perfect season in Beijing. During this time it seldom rains, and also the weather is neither too dry nor humid. The temperature remains pleasant and relatively consistent.

Clothing: Jeans, shirts, light sweaters, jacket, shoes/runners/sandals, etc.

Winter in Beijing

Winter in Beijing

Winters can be interesting if you don't mind the cold. Although the temperature can dip as low as -15 degrees Celsius, parts of the capital appear charming in this season. But during the occasional hard winds from the north, wearing layers of clothing to keep warm is recommended.

Clothing: Jeans, shirts, turtle necks, pull-overs, sweaters, long johns, down jacket, heavy coat, gloves, hat, scarf, wool socks, runners, boots, etc .

Beijing's Mean Temperature and Rainfall

Detailed information about the average temperatures and rainfall in Beijing are as follows:

Average Data Jan Feb Mar Apr
Average (oF) 25 30 40 58
Average (oC) -5 -2 4 12
Rain (in) 0.1/0.2 0.2/0.3 0.3/0.4 0.8/0.9
Rain (mm) <5 5/10 5/10 20/25
Average Data May June July Aug
Average (oF) 66 75 82 77
Average (oC) 25 26 25 25
Rain (in) 1.4/1.5 2.9/3 8.0/8.1 7.1/7.2
Rain (mm) 35/40 75/80 205/210 180/185
Average Data Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average (oF) 67 55 40 28
Average (oC) 20 15 5 -3
Rain (in) <0.1 0.6/0.7 0.3/0.4 0.1/0.2
Rain (mm) <5 15/20 5/10 <5