Learn Chinese Language in ChinaHaving all the benefits of a big city and a rich history, Tianjin is still a very laid back city in China. Its friendly feel makes Tianjin a popular destination for people wishing to live and study in China. Historical changes in past 600 years have made Tianjin an unique city with a mixture of ancient and modem in both Chinese and Western styles. Students who make it to Tianjin combine the pleasures of living near the sea, with those of living at the mouth of China's capital.

Tianjin's Prime Location

Learn Mandarin Chinese in ChinaIt now takes just one hour to travel by car from Tianjin to Beijing on the new 'golden corridor' expressway. Tianjin is well situated for travel by land, sea or air and has become a base in north China for specialist tourist travel. The city center's Science and Technology Museum and Museums of Nature, History, Art, Opera and Folk Customs are just a few of Tianjin's educational exhibitions. In Tanggu District of Tianjin, you can find luxurious thermal baths. The countryside of Huangya Pass, a section of the Great Wall, is renowned for its wonderful scenery.

Tianjin's Buzzing Economy

Tianjin is one of the four municipal cities under the jurisdiction of the Chinese central government and is the largest industrial and port city in northern China. After China implemented its reforms and opening policies, Tianjin became one of the first coastal cities to open to the outside world. Since then it has developed rapidly and become a bright pearl beside the Bohai Sea. Especially for those interested in commerce, preventative medicine and history, the city has much to offer the visitor.

Tianjin in History

Tianjin became a city centered on trade with docks and land transportation during the Ming and Qing Dynasties and had a splendid history as the official port of the Emperor. By the turn of the 20th century however, Tianjin had been divided up among nine of the world's imperialist powers. While these countries left classical villas in their native styles across Tianjin's legation area, it was up to the locals to reclaim and develop the city starting in the 1990s.

Tianjin's Best Universities

A degree from one of Tianjin's top schools ranks close to one from Beijing from the point of view of employers. For this reason, the city's campuses are filled with high achievers in the sciences and arts. Tianjin University, established in imperial times under the name "Peiyang University", is the first educational institution of higher learning in China. Nankai University, with an emphasis on social sciences, regularly produces internationally recognised research.

Tianjin University

Tianjin University, established in 1895 with the name of "Peiyang University", is the first educational institution of higher learning in China. Over a hundred years, more than 150,000 students have graduated from Tianjin University and made great contributions in every walk of life.

Nankai University

Nankai University is a comprehensive university with a complete curriculum that includes the humanities, natural sciences, technology, life sciences, medical sciences and the arts. Nankai University has a complete education system for undergraduates, postgraduates at master's level, doctoral students and post-doctoral researchers.