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As a municipality, Tianjin has provincial-level status and comes directly under the central government. After Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, Tianjin is China's fourth largest city and offers a vibrant mix of ancient history, contemporary culture and unbridled industry. As such, Tianjin offers easy communication access with the rest of the world. Following are some useful contact information and telephone numbers in Tianjin.

  • Hospitals in Tianjin
  • Important Contact Numbers in Tianjin
  • Banking, Currency Exchange and ATMs
  • Telephone, Mobile and Long Distance Calling Cards
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  • Hospitals in Tianjin

    AEA Tianjin International Clinic
    Address: Sheraton Tianjin Hotel, Zijinshan Road, Hexi District, Tianjin
    Tel: (8622) 2352-0143

    International SOS Center
    Address: 1/F, Tianjin Xilai Deng Restaurant, Zijin Shan Road, Hexi District, Tianjin
    Tel: (8622) 2352-2014

    Tianjin Yikeng University Hospital
    Address: No. 154 Anshan Dao, Heping District, Tianjin
    Tel: (8622) 2781-5750

    Tianjin Gangkou Hospital
    Address: Second Road, Tanggu Quxin Gang, Tianjin
    Tel: (8622) 2570-6348

    Important Contact Numbers in Tianjin

    Police 110
    Fire 119
    Traffic 122
    First Aid 120
    Tianjin Tourism Bureau (8622) 2835-8812
    Tianjin Airport Inquiry (8622) 2490-2929
    Tianjin Port Inquiry (8622) 2369-3888
    Tianjin Railway Station Inquiry (8622) 6053-6053
    Tianjin Taxi Service (8622) 2354-9000
    Tianjin Foreign Affairs Office (8622) 2302-8600
    Tianjin Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau (8622) 2330-2356
    Tianjin Tourist Complaint (8622) 2835-9093

    Banking, Currency Exchange and ATMs

    Banks and ATMs are located everywhere in Tianjin. Some banks are even allowing customers to withdraw currency without being charged a transaction fee. Call to find out if your bank offers this service with any of the banks in China.

    Bank of China
    Address 1: No. 1 Xinyuan Zhong Street, TEDA, Tianjin
    Address 2: No. 80 Jiefang North Road, Tianjin

    Agricultural Bank of China
    Address: No. 120 Jiefang North Road, Heping District, Tianjin

    Industrial & Commercial Bank of China
    Address: No. 11 Datong Dao, Heping District, Tianjin

    People's Construction Bank of China
    Address: No. 104 Jiefang North Road, Heping District, Tianjin

    Standard Chartered Bank
    Address: 1/F, Tianjin International Building, No. 75 Nanjing Road, Tianjin

    The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd. (HSBC)
    Address: Ocean Shipping Plaza, Haihe East Road, Hebei District, Tianjin
    Tel: (8622) 2420-7888

    JP Morgan Chase Bank
    Address: Room 1401, Tianjin International Building, No. 75 Nanjing Road, Tianjin
    Tel: (8622) 3399-1111

    ABN AMRO Bank NV
    Address: Room 912, Tianjin International Building, No. 75 Nanjing Road, Tianjin
    Tel: (8622) 2330-6483

    Tianjin City Commercial Bank
    Address: No. 15 Friendship Road, Hexi District, Tianjin
    Tel: (8622) 2840-5555

    Telephone, Mobile and Long Distance Calling Cards

    Telephone Access

    There are public phone booths available around Tianjin require either coins, or sometimes calling cards. Calling cards are available from the post office, hotels, newsstands and convenience stores. The phones take all coins and the phone cards (IC cards) come in RMB 30, RMB 50 and RMB 100 denominations.

    Mobile Phones

    There are several options with using mobile phones

    1. The easiest, but most expensive way is to bring your phone to China and keep it on your home network with roaming enabled. This will enable you to receive and make phone calls using your phone number. However this option is expensive due to roaming charges. Additionally, people within China will be charged more because they will have to ring internationally.
    2. The second most popular option is to buy a local SIM card. The SIM cards are available for a one-time fee of approximately RMB 100 (US$12) and work by buying recharge cards for RMB 50, RMB 100, RMB 300 and RMB 500 respectively. With this option, there are a couple of options when choosing your local SIM network.

    China Mobile SIM Cards

    This works throughout China and the SIM card is available at many outlets throughout China, including the airport. The price to make a local call on this network is about RMB 0.60 per minute. However the downside to China Mobile is that they also charge a small fee for receiving phone calls. International calls vary dependant on the country you are calling.

    Other SIM Cards

    The other option is to get a local SIM card that works only in the city you are in. Choosing this option allows you to receive calls without being charged. If you are bringing a mobile phone with you, make sure that it is capable of accepting SIM cards for other networks, and it is not locked to your home local network.

    Long Distance Calling Cards

    Calling cards are one of the cheapest ways to make international calls. The cards are used with landlines or mobiles and are easy to use; they usually have English instructions on the back of the card. The cards can be obtained from mobile phone shops, some convenience stores and newsstands. There are also a variety of different companies offering cards and the charges vary dependant of time of call and the country you are calling. Another inexpensive option is to make international calls over the Internet, using programs such as Skype, and internet cafes with high-speed internet access are abundant in Tianjin.

    International Couriers in Tianjin

    There are many top international courier providers in Tianjin if one needs to send packages overseas.

    Tianjin Freight Express
    Tel: (8622) 2421-2145; (8622) 2421-2150

    UPS Tianjin
    Address: Room 101, Unit 54 Wanlian Apartments, No. 2 Second Avenue, TEDA, Tianjin
    Tel: (8622) 2388-5566

    DHL Tianjin
    Address: Room 4, No. 24 Chongqing Road, Heping District, Tianjin
    Tel: (8622) 2331-7520; (8622) 2330-0900; (8622) 2331-8490; (8622) 2312-8525

    TNT International Transport
    Address: Room 4711, No. 21 Jiadeyuan Garden, Second Avenue, TEDA, Tianjin
    Tel: (8622) 2532-3657

    Fedex Express
    Address: Building A, Workshop 8, Saida Industrial Park, Xiqing Development Area, Tianjin
    Tel: (8622) 8398-3160
    Delivery Status Check: 800-810-2338

    OCS (Overseas Courier Service) - SINOTRANS
    Tel: (8622) 8837-9011; (8622) 8837-9012

    Address: No. 139 Huanghai Road, TEDA, Tianjin
    Tel: (8622) 2529-0292

    DTW Express
    Address: No. 19 Fourth Avenue, TEDA, Tianjin
    Tel: (8622) 2532-0931

    China Air Express
    Address: DD Center Hotel, No. 25 Jieda Road, Third Avenue, TEDA, Tianjin
    Tel: (8622) 6529-816

    China Air Express (Passenger & Cargo Services Center)
    Address: Tianjin Binhai International Airport, Tianjin
    Tel: (8622) 2490-2655; (8622) 2490-1911

    Useful Websites

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    Tianjin Enet Tianjin Web
    Tianjin Wan Bao News Tianjin Daily News

    NOTE: Although this information is correct at the time of our web publication, it is still advised that you call the phone number and confirm the address before going to the venue because some venues may have changed their telephone numbers or address locations.