Shanghai Sports & Recreation

There are numerous recreational facilities in Shanghai. The city is equipped with such facilities as golf courses, tennis courts, swimming pools, and horse racing tracks. Recreational centers and cultural clubs can be found in every district of the city. Another favorite Shanghai past time is Tai Chi, which is also great to watch especially after a night on the town taking in the city life! Provided below are a sampling of places for sports and recreation:

  • Racquet Sports
  • Fitness Centers
  • Swimming
  • Golf
  • Cycling
  • Horse Back Riding
  • Martial Arts
  • Organized Activities

  • Racquet Sports in Shanghai

    Pudong Tennis Center
    9 Yushan Lu, Yuanshen Stadium, Shanghai
    Tel: (8621) 5821-5850

    Shanghai International Tennis Center
    3/F, Regal International East Asia Hotel, 516 Hengshan Lu, Shanghai
    Tel: (8621) 6415-5588

    Shanghai Racquet Club
    Lane 555 Jinfeng Lu, Huacao Town, Shanghai
    Tel: (8621) 2201-0088

    Fitness Centers in Shanghai

    Best Fit Better Fitness Club
    Address: 333 Fangdian Lu, near Dingxiang Lu, Shanghai
    Tel: (8621) 5033-8110

    Chinafit Health Club
    Address: No.22, Lane 55 Changyi Lu, near Jimo Lu
    Tel: 5878-1616

    Clark Hatch Fitness Center
    3/F, Radisson Xingguo Hotel, 78 Xingguo Lu, Shanghai
    Tel: (8621) 6212-9998

    Champs Elysees Fitness Club
    1555 Dingxi Lu, Mayfair Hotel, Shanghai
    Tel: (8621) 6240-8888

    Fitness First At Plaza 66
    B1, Plaza 66, 1266 Nanjing Xi Lu, Shanghai
    Tel: (8621) 6288-0152

    Laya Gym
    226 Fangdian Lu, Shanghai
    Tel: (8621) 6854-0988, 6854-1888

    Physical Fitness Beauty Centre
    1/F, South Tower, Hongkong Plaza, 283 Huaihai Zhong Lu, Shanghai
    Tel: (8621) 6390-8166

    Shanghai East Asia Sports and Recreation Center
    Address: 1300 Zhong Shan Er Road, Shanghai
    Tel: (8621) 6438-2372

    Swimming in Shanghai

    Changning Swimming Pool
    1041 Yuyuan Lu, Shanghai
    Tel: (8621) 6213-6501

    Shanghai Swimming Pool
    1300 Zhongshan Nan Er Lu, Shanghai
    Tel: (8621) 6438-2372

    Golf in Shanghai

    Hongqiao Golf Club
    555 Hongxu Lu, near Hongsong Lu, Shanghai
    Tel: (8621) 6421-5522

    Cycling in Shanghai

    Cycle China
    1/F No.25, Lane 1984, Nanjing Xi Lu, Shanghai

    Mobile: (86) 1391-707-1775 

    Horse Back Riding in Shanghai

    Shanghai Huihuang Horse-Riding Club
    517 Xinhua Lu, Sanlin Town
    Tel: (8621) 5084-8898

    Meadowbrook Equestrian and Rural Activity Center
    3088 Shenzhuan Lu ,Qingpu District
    Tel: (8621) 6983-0022

    Martial Arts in Shanghai

    Longwu International Kungfu Center
    215 Shanxi Nan Lu, Shanghai
    Tel: (86) 1300-325-2826       

    Jeet Kune Do / Mixed Martial Arts Class
    Studio 311, Building 3, Lane 210, Taikang Lu, Shanghai
    Tel: (86) 1390-164-7700       

    Organized Activities in Shanghai

    High 5 Activities Club
    Address: 425 Lan'an Lu, near Mingyue Lu, Jinqiao, Shanghai
    Tel: (8621) 5899 3785 ext. 203

    NOTE: Although this information is correct at the time of our web publication, it is still advised that you call the phone number and confirm the address before going to the venue because some venues may have changed their telephone numbers or address locations.