Shanghai Dining

Shanghai has an excellent diversity of food, with Chinese food as well as a wide range of foreign cuisine including Italian, Indian, Japanese and European. Unlike other Chinese food, most of Shanghai's cooking is done with added ginger, sugar and Shaoxing wine, but without heavy spicing. Shanghai has some interesting exotic seafood dishes, such as eels, crab and fish. In season - between October and December - you may get the chance to try Dazha crab, the most expensive food in Shanghai. Inexpensive snack food, like the Xiaolongbao (a local dumpling specialty) is easily available in almost any part of the city at any time of night or day. Below are other Shanghai delicacies as well as a directory of some of Shanghai's restaurants.

Shanghainese Dishes

Learn Chinese LanguageXiaolong Baozi

Small, steamed buns with a dab of meat are probably the most famous Shanghai dish. A tip for tasting this snack is to first dip into rice vinegar, take a small bite, and repeat. Use caution though, as these small buns may be very hot, and juices from the meat may come dripping out when bitten into.

Crystal Jade Restaurant
Address: 123 Xingye Road, 12A-B, 2nd Fl., No. 6-7 Xintiandi South Block, Luwan, Shanghai
Tel: (8621) 6385-8752

Learn to Speak Mandarin Chinese

Xiekehuang Pan Cake
This dish looks like boiled crab shell. This pancake is crispy on the outside and delicious in the inside. The stuffing is made from green onion, pork, and sugar and bean paste.
Wuyuan Bakery
Address: No.1530, Beijing West Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai

Xiefen Shizitou (Crab Powder Lion Heads)Learn Mandarin in China

It's not its name indicated as lion's head for this dish is actually pork meatballs containing crab meat.

Wulishang Shifu
Address: between Yandang Lu and Sinan Lu, Luwan District, Shanghai
Tel: (8621) 5306-5462

Zui Ji (Drunken Chicken) Learn Chinese Language in China

Chicken steamed then marinated in rice wine. This popular Chinese appetizer is usually served cold

1221 Can Ting
Address: 1221 Yan'an Xi Lu, Between Panyu Lu and Dingxi Lu, Hongqiao Development Zone, Changning District, Shanghai
Tel: (8621) 6213-6585

Study Abroad in ChinaYou Tiao (Fried bread sticks)

Mainly a breakfast item, these break sticks are very popular in Shanghai
1221 Can Ting
Address: 1221 Yan'an Xi Lu, Between Panyu Lu and Dingxi Lu, Hongqiao Development Zone, Changning District, Shanghai
Tel: (8621) 6213-6585

Fried Stuffed Buns
A snack that is indigenous to Shanghai. Golden in color, with a thin wrap, crispy cover and delicious meat, this snack tastes best when served hot.

Fengyu Eatery
Address: No. 48, Guangling Er Road, Shanghai

Vegetable Stuffed buns
The perfect vegetarian snack, these buns have a combination of vegetables, mushroom, bamboo shoots, dried bean curd, etc.

Chunfeng Songyue Vegetable Dish Restaurant
Address: No.23, Bailing Road, Cheng Huang Miao, Shanghai

China InternshipTackling Hairy Crab

Despite the odd name, this signature dish of Shanghai is absolutely scrumptious, but it is seasonal, available only during autumn and it is best enjoyed at a big local restaurant.

Wang Bao He Fuzhou Lu
Address: 603 West of Zhejiang Zhong Lu, Huangpu District, Shanghai
Tel: (8621) 6322-3673

Stinky Tofu
Tofu fermented in veggie brine. It can be eaten cold, steamed, stewed, or fried and often accompanied by chili sauce. Despite its strong repelling cheese-like odor, it has a mild taste.

Xin Xhao Xing Fan Dian
Address: 197 Huaihai Xi Lu, near Xinhua Lu, Shanghai
Tel: (8621) 6283-8550, 6283-8551

Shanghainese Restaurants

Try out what Shanghai cuisine has to offer. The restaurants below offer many of the most popular Shanghai Dishes and many have a unique and exciting ambience:

Bi Feng Tang
Address: 1333 Nanjing Xi Lu, 1 Block west of Shanghai Centre, Jing An District, Northwest Shanghai
Tel: (8621) 6279-0738

Chang'an Dumpling Restaurant
Offering over 100 types of dumplings
Address: No. 2 Yunnan Road, Shanghai
Tel: (8621) 6328-5156

Small Village
It specializes in Shanghai and Hangzhou cuisine.
Address: No. 108 Tianyue Bridge Road, Shanghai
Tel: (8610) 6428-2318

Dragon and Phoenix Room
This restaurant has a breathtaking view of the oriental Pearl TV Tower, the Huangpu River and the Bund. It serves top class authentic Chinese dishes.
Address: No. 20 East Nanjing Road, Shanghai
Tel: (8621) 6321-6888

Jade Garden
It serves excellent Shanghainese cuisine.
Address: No. 388 Zhao Jia Bang Road, Shanghai
Tel: (8621) 6415-9918

Specialize in all of Shanghai's signature snacks and quite cheap.
Address: 805 Nanjing Xi Lu, West of Shimen Er Lu, Jing An District, Northwest Shanghai
Tel: (8621) 6258-6373

Jisheng Hotpot City
Restaurant serves hot pot and a variety of local specialties.
Address: No. 699 Zhonghua Road, Shanghai
Tel: (8621) 6368-1850

Sichuan Cuisine

For those who like their dishes hot and spicy, Sichuan cuisine offers food with a flare. Known throughout China as the capital of spice, these restaurants serve everything from Hotpot to spicy crisp chicken and can surely satisfy the need for heat.

Sichuan Restaurant
Serving authentic hot and spicy Sichuan food, the most popular dishes include the stewed beef and the spicy and crispychicken.
Address: No. 1733 Yanan Xi Road, Shanghai
Tel: (8621) 6259-4583

As one of the oldest and most famous restaurants in Shanghai, it features Sichuan delicacies.

Address: No. 1081 West Nanjing Road, Shanghai
Tel: (8621) 6256-6688

Cantonese Cuisine

The Cantonese like their food light, fresh, and "natural". Try these restaurants for a taste of Cantonese food in Shanghai .

Forum Palace
The restaurant is designed in Hong-Kong style and the food is authentic Cantonese flavor, among which the dim sum is the best in the city.
Address: No. 188 M. Huaihai Road, Shanghai
Tel: (8621) 6386-2608

Shenji Liang Tang
This Cantonese restaurant specializes in soup and dim sum.
Type of Cuisine: Cantonese Cuisine
Address: No. 860 West Beijing Road, Shanghai
Tel: (8621) 6258-7929

The Dynasty
As one of the best Cantonese restaurants in Shanghai, it features seafood and Chaozhou dim sum.
Address: No. 2099 West Yanan Road, Yangtze New World Hotel, Shanghai
Tel: (8621) 6275-0000

Beijing Cuisine

For those who crave dishes from China 's capital, these restaurants serve many of the most popular Beijing Cuisine.

Huafu Restaurant

With the quiet location and excellent service, the restaurant features Beijing cuisine.
Address: No. 534 Xikang Road, Shanghai
Tel: (8621) 6256-0081

Baoxin Restaurant
It specializes in Beijing cuisine.
Address: No. 36 West Weifang Road, Pudong District, Shanghai
Tel: (8621) 5820 2392

Yunnan Cuisine

Yunnan Meishi Yuan ( Yunnan Gourmet)
Offers typical Yunnan delicacies
Address: B1-19/20, 268 Xizang Zhong Lu, Basement of Raffles City at intersection with Fuzhou Lu), Huangpu District, Shanghai
Tel: (8621) 6340-3076

Vegetarian Cuisine

Though many Chinese dishes are served with meat, these restaurants cater to the vegetarian crowd.

One of the famous Vegetarian restaurants in the city.
Address: Huanghe Road, Shanghai
Tel: (8621) 6327-1532

Chunfeng Songyue Lou
Serves traditional vegetarian food (lots of imitation meat and stewed foods made of tofu and soy products), noodles, and dumplings at reasonable prices.
Address: 23 Bailing Lu, Corner of Jiujiaochang Lu, Nanshi District (Old Shanghai Town)
Tel: (8621) 6355-3630

Western Cuisine

Form burgers and fries, to a succulent steak, Shanghai has many restaurants offering a wide selection of Western style dishes.

Shanghai Jax
This is a grill restaurant that specializes in the best steaks in the city. In the summer, it opens an outdoor terrace for barbecues.
Address: 1376 Nanjing Road, Portman Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Shanghai
Tel: (8621) 6279-8888

Tony Roma's a Place for Ribs
Address: No. 1376 West Nanjing Road, Shanghai Centre, Shanghai
Tel: (8621) 6279-7129

Hard Rock Café
Serves the typical Hard Rock dishes--burgers, steaks, sandwiches and pasta along with some Asian dishes with salads.
Address: Shanghai Centre, #1376 Nanjing Rd. Shanghai
Tel: (8621) 6279-8133

Espresso Americano
One of the most popular coffee shops in the city.
Address: No. 1376 Nanjing Road, Portman Ritz-Carlton, Shanghai
Tel: (8621) 6279-8888

Italian Cuisine

Restaurants catering to those who like flavorful Italian dishes, from Pizza to Pasta.

Here authentic Italian food is served in an elegant setting.
Address: No. 823 Huangjin Street, Shanghai
Tel: (8621) 6278-9876

Pasta Fresca da Salvatore
Serves Italian food.
Address: 115 Changshu Road, Shanghai
Tel: (8621) 6248-1705

Spanish Cuisine

With a variety of dishes, these Mexican style restaurants serve dishes pleasing to the palate.

It's one of the few Spanish Restaurants in Shanghai.
Address: No. 2727 Bingjiang Road, Barcelo Grand Hotel, Shanghai
Tel: (8621) 5037-0000

Serves Mexican dishes.
Address: No. 897 Julu Road, Shanghai
Tel: (8621) 6466-7788

French Cuisine

With the nice surroundings and excellent service, enjoy the authentic French cuisine served by the following places.

C'est la Vie
With the nice surroundings and excellent service, you can enjoy the authentic French cuisine.
Address: No. 207 Maoming Road, Shanghai
Tel: (8621) 6415-9567

Le Bouchon
Serves French cuisine
Address: No. 1455 Wuding Road, Shanghai
Tel: (8621) 6225-7088

Cantonese Cuisine

Korean Garden Restaurant
Serves traditional Korean food.
Address: No. 65 Yanan Road, Equatorial Hotel, Shanghai
Tel: (8621) 6248-1688

This Korean restaurant serves the authentic cold appetizers and barbecued meat and seafood.
Address: No. 28 North Jiangsu, Shanghai
Tel: (8621) 6252-7146

Japanese Cuisine

Serves authentic Japanese food
Address: No. 58 Maoming Road, Garden Hotel, Shanghai
Tel: (8621) 6415-1111

This is an authentic Japanese restaurant with good food and service.
Address: No. 574 Yongjia Road, Shanghai, Located in the former French Concession.
Tel: (8621) 6474-6427

Indian Cuisine

The Tandoor
As one of the best restaurants in Shanghai with its entire management and staff flown in from India, it serves authentic Indian food. And traditional Indian dancers and musicians perform nightly.
Address: No. 59 Maoming Nan Road, Jinjiang Hotel, Shanghai
Tel: (8621) 6258-2582

Bon Ami Café
Offers everything from African Chicken to Indian curry.
Address: No. 380 Xing Guo Road, Shanghai
Tel: (8621) 6280-8399

NOTE: Although this information is correct at the time of our web publication, it is still advised that you call the phone number and confirm the address before going to the venue because some venues may have changed their telephone numbers or address locations.