Qingdao Shopping

Qingdao is known in the Shandong province for its variety of commercial products, such as seashell carving, Yunfeng Tea of Yaoshan, and Tsingtao beer. Inspect the quality of the goods and be sure to compare it with similar items in the stores next door. In Qingdao, you will find it hard to bargain with local people. Shandong people do not like to barter, and therefore the products are generally already offered at reasonably low prices from the start. The main shopping and commercial street selling mostly clothing or food, runs along Zhongshan Road.

Yunfeng Tea of Laoshan

Learn Chinese at Top Chinese UniversitiesYunfeng tea is well known because of its special geography environment, rich land and good water, presumably flourishing on the natural spring waters of the holy Laoshan Mountain. The history of planting, procuring, processing, and selling tea is very long in Laoshan. Part of the green tea family and producing more than 20 species, this tea contains the abundant nourishment, having a great deal of polyphenol, caffeine, sweet smell material and protein, amino acids, and vitamins. Because the weather in the place is warm wetness, the light shine on stronger, frost period also compare south long, add it day and night difference in temperature big, the tea tree growth develop slowly, there is full time backlog nutrient

Shell Carvings

China Business ProgramAs a city by the sea, Qingdao contains all kinds of shell resources and local people have used this opportunity to create a magnificent piece of art. Nowadays, shell carving is made into tapestry, hand wear and souvenirs. To get a genuine look into the world of shell carving, head to the Qingdao Shell Sculpture Factory for cheaper prices and authentic buys.

Qingdao Shell Sculpture Factory
Address: No. 206 Yan'an San Lu, Qingdao

Longshan Underground Market

Longshan Underground Commercial Street is known for its wide variety of shops offering crazy clothing culture and knock off designer bags. Address: No. 14 Longshan Road, Qingdao

Taidong Pedestrian Street

Taidong Pedestrian Street provides visitors not only an array of shopping choices and an entertainment area, but it is where muralists from other parts of China create public art. At night, this street becomes a night market, selling trinkets, clothing, and household goods. However, be wary of the pick pockets who make a living from this bustling area.

Jimo Road Small Articles Wholesale Market

Jimo Road Small Articles Wholesale Market has become a must-go place for tourists to buy souvenirs for friends and relatives. This market filled with tiny clothing shops and knock off designer products earns its fame for its reasonable prices and good quality.

Hong Kong Middle Road

Hong Kong Middle Road is filled with foreign based shopping centers, ranging from medium to high level prices. From Starbucks and Haagen-Daz to genuine Prada and Gucci products, head over to this area. Jusco, Carrefour, MyKAL, and Sunshine Department Stores are all located in this area. This area is also excellent for typical Qingdao food, including dried seafood.

Zhongshan Road

If you want to shop in Qingdao, try Zhongshan Road, the main shopping and commercial road of Qingdao. It has a bewitching night scene, big shopping malls such as Parkson Department Store, medium sized shops and restaurants which line up this area.

Zhingshan Road

Zhingshan Road is a popular tourist destination, but this road lures the tourists with overpriced goods. Basically, you can buy all kinds of souvenir items, as well as many things on this road. Address: Located near the pier, Zhanqiao Bridge

Traditional Market & Shops

Qingdao Culture Marketx
The Qingdao Culture Market is basically the main flea market in Qingdao. The market has plenty of independent small shops that sell questioning antiques, stamps, secondhand books and artwork.
Address: Changle Road, Qingdao

Qingdao Artworks Shop
The Qingdao Artworks Shop caters to westerners and thus visitors will see higher prices than items sold at the Qingdao Culture market. The traditional shops sell old fashioned Chinese artworks, carpets, and dresses, and require some bargaining skills.
Address: No. 212 Zhongshan Road, Qingdao

Book City

Book City is the biggest independent book store in Qingdao with five floors selling books, videos, and CDs.
Address: No. 67 Hong Kong Middle Road, Qingdao

Department Stores

China Business Program

Fada Department Store

Located at the golden commercial area, the southern end of the most flourishing Zhongshan Street, the building of Qingdao Fada Department Store is a modern building invested by Shandong Fada Group. Shoppers can test self-imposed credit card limits among seven.

The store is a 32 story building of 55,000 square meters with an European style. Being well decorated, the commercial area takes 20,000 square meters, and is facilitated with escalators, elevators, central airconditioning, and auto fire alarm and extinguishing system. Over 60,000 different commodities are being sold from the first to the seventh floor. Also having a fast food restaurant and a children's amusement court, the store is a modern multifunctional one which can provides services including shopping, relaxation, recreation and food.

Qingdao Laoshan Department Store

Welcomed proof that not every store in Qingdao features vendors hawking cheap souvenirs and crafts made of seashells can be found in this massive department store called Qingdao Laoshan Department Store, which is located in one of Qingdao's vibrant commercial districts.

There are now over 90,000 different goods being sold at the store, and besides the leading articles sold here, which include household electrical appliances, motorbikes, clothing, food, handicrafts, textiles, and so on.

Haixin Plaza

Haixin Plaza is a large scale modern comprehensive department store. Fueled by the motto "honesty and integrity" this modernistic center offers customers a clean and convenient shopping environment. Located at the new political, financial, trade and communication center of Qingdao City, it sells all sorts of merchandise, and has also internal compartments like Haixin Restaurant, Cultural Gallery, Children's Kingdom, etc.

Dongtai Jusco Shopping Center

One stop shopping is an overused description, but it fits perfectly with this giant Japanese owned mall. Contemporary in appearance, it carries the latest in women's and men's clothing fashions, including accessories ranging from.

NOTE: Although this information is correct at the time of our web publication, it is still advised that you call the phone number and confirm the address before going to the venue because some venues may have changed their telephone numbers or address locations.