As home to hundreds of colleges and universities, the city of Nanjing is a seat of Chinese learning, and Nanjingers are considered to be among the more cultured of China's people. The city's premiere university, Nanjing University forms the focus of city life, and the streets around the campus have a dynamic feel to them. Many foreigners are drawn here because they can get absorbed in Chinese culture and make friends with the locals without having to live too far from familiar comforts of western living. Nanjing is the right size and offers a good venue for your Chinese adventure.

Nanjing's Prime Location

Nanjing is the historic "Capital of the South" and is only a few hours west of Shanghai which can be reached by one of the new super speed trains. Nanjing lies on the south bank of the Yangtze River and is the capital of Jiangsu Province. Nanjing is proud of its tree-lined streets and historic sites from the Ming Dynasty such as the city wall. The beautiful silk, lake and tea cities of Suzhou and Hangzhou are within easy reach for weekend visits. The Yellow Mountain, said to be one of China's most beautiful holy mountains, is within a five-hour drive of the city.

Nanjing's Buzzing Economy

Today Nanjing has become a bustling metropolis with skyscrapers, hotels and malls. The city is a prime destination for tourists to China and also has a strong student element. Koreans, Germans and French make up the majority of working expatriates in Nanjing, mostly engineers. As far as eating goes, there's enough variety to keep people busy for quite a while: Thai, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Swedish, German, American and Chinese restaurants can be found in the Xinjiekou area.

Nanjing Through Time

Referred to as Nanking in older western literature, Nanjing has been the capital of 6 ancient dynasties in the history of China, as well as that of the Kuomintang governed Republic of China in the turbulent 20th century years until 1949. Capital of the 19th Century Taiping Heavenly Kingdom of 1851-64, Nanjing was the centre of a semi-Christian revolution that swept from the countryside to the city and very nearly overthrew the Qing Dynasty in Beijing.

Nanjing's Best Universities

Nanjing is an important city for both education and educational research in China. The number of higher learning institutions in the city ranks the 3rd among all the cities in China. With 35 universities and colleges, Nanjing has some of the best research teams in the country, with many professors being accepted to the prestigious Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Nanjing University has been welcoming foreign students for many years, and Nanjing Normal University has a good reputation for caring for its students' welfare.

Nanjing University

This 100 years old university has an outstanding quality of education and excellent facilities. Its 16 schools and 36 departments offer a full range of courses at all levels.A great place to live, with a peaceful and beautiful campus, Nanjing University has countless social activities fully made available to overseas students.

Nanjing Normal University

The university was founded on the former campus of the women's university, Jinling College in 1952.Nanjing Normal University's campus is just as beautiful as Nanjing University's.The university is situated in the Northwest part of the city, near the city center, Xuanwu Lake, the old city wall and the other universities.