Kunming Night Life

Thanks to rising incomes, foreign visitors, and a growing expat community, Kunming is beginning to have a rich and colourful night life. The city offers a great place to go out to do a mix of interesting activities. There are plenty of friendly, reasonably priced bars and clubs patronized by a good mix of locals and Foreigners, as well as many karaoke venues for people to hang out. The main night life activities are centered around the Kundu Night Market area.

  • Kundu Night Market
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  • Kundu Night Market

    Study at Chinese Universities Residents of Kunming enthusiastic about nightlife frequently visit the Kundu night market. It is a place that concentrates on dinning, tourism, shopping and culture. There are teahouses, coffee houses, Internet bars, local snacks and so on aiming at different kinds of people. The Kundu Night Market is located right beside Yunnan University.

    Coffee Shops, Bars & Nightclubs

    Study at Chinese UniversitiesFace to Face Coffee House
    Face-to-Face Coffee House is run by a famous local painter, and is filled with cultural atmosphere. Relax with a cup of coffee here, have the chance to communicate with artists and admire the host's works. On every Friday, the bar will hold art performances and courses.

    Address: No. 47, Wen Lin Lu, Kunming

    Hump Over the Himalaya Pub
    It's the most famous pub in Kunming supplying all sorts of wine, beer, internet service, and performances by an energetic band on weekends. It is also a common gathering place for tourists to exchange travel experiences.

    Address: Luyou Shangsha, Jinbi Lu, Kunming

    Freedom Bar
    Freedom Bar is a bar and club with dance music, a small dance floor, and plenty of alcohol. This club is frequently visited by many foreigners.

    Address: Renmin East Road (a few blocks west of Beijing Road), Kunming

    The Camel Bar
    This is an-old fashioned bar which is also very popular among foreigners because of its nice atmosphere. Offering live music, this is the place to ask around about the rest of the local club scene.

    Address: No. 274 Baita Road, Kunming


    New Kunming Cinema
    For those who'd like to relax in a cinema, New Kunming Cinema in the middle part of Nanping Lu is the place to be. 10 movie halls, a family balcony, song and dance performance halls, drink house and snack bars are all very accommodating.

    Address: Nanping Walking Street (Across from Carrefour), Kunming
    Tel: (86871) 362-4584

    Other cinemas in Kunming include:

    Dianchi Cinema
    Address: No. 211 Beijing Road, Kunming
    Tel: (86871) 317-2101

    New Construction Movie World
    Address: Wenlin Street & Jianshe Road intersection, Kunming
    Tel: (86871) 537-3800

    Southwestern Cinema
    Address: 6th Floor, New Southwestern Square, Qingnian Road, Kunming
    Tel: (86871) 313-9933

    NOTE: Although this information is correct at the time of our web publication, it is still advised that you call the phone number and confirm the address before going to the venue because some venues may have changed their telephone numbers or address locations.