Kunming Dining

In Kunming, picturesque natural scenery enhances delicious local foods. Kunming dishes are representative of Dian (Yunnan Province's short name) cuisine, which combines cooking styles of other cities as well as other ethnic minority group cuisine from around and outside Kunming in Yunnan Province. With its high humidity and mild temperatures Kunming provides abundant fruits and vegetables all year for local cuisine. In addition, there are numerous snack options in high streets and back lanes. And there are also many pubs, bars and cafes that serve good quality meals.

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  • Kunming Specialty Dian Dishes

    Dian dishes are moderately salty and spicy. Unique delicacies from Kunming are famous throughout China; especially the fresh wild mushrooms. There is an edible wild mushroom family of over 200 varieties in Kunming, the tastes of which remains in the mind. Some recommended Dian dishes include the following:

    Braised Jizong in Soy Sauce
    Kunming is host to various wild mushrooms including Jizong. Whenever the sun shines after a rain from June to September, many Jizong, which are shaped like small grey umbrellas, appear on the mountain. The chicken-like taste of Jizong is popular with gourmands.

    Steaming- Pot Chicken
    This dish gained its name from steaming the chicken in a pot with a hollow tube in the center. It is a simple yet tasty dish.

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    Kunming Bittern Duck
    The dish is a first choice among tourists. It can be served after choosing ducks from Dianchi Lake and preparing with some ten steps. The dish is golden with a soft flavor. It is said that Bittern Duck is a dish which does much good for people's health.

    Recommended Dian Restaurants:
    Fuzhao Lou
    Located at Meishicheng crossing near the South Gate, Kunming

    Located at No. 18 - 19 in Jixiang Xiang, Dongfeng Xi Lu, Kunming
    The charming restaurant is a typical Yunnan residence with a 100-year history.

    Kunming Snacks

    Kunming has numerous snack options in high streets and back lanes. Some famous snacks are as follows:

    Bridge Rice Noodle
    (Yunnan Guoqiao Mixian)
    Xuanwei Ham
    (Xuanwei Huotui)
    Steamed Dumpling
    Modern Cake
    (Modeng Baba)
    Shepherd's Purse Dumpling
    Stinky Bean Curd
    Bean Jelly
    (Wandou Fen)

    Bridge Rice Noodle (Yunnan Guoqiao Mixian)

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    This is one of the featured specialties of Kunming and Yunnan. It has three main parts: a bowl of extremely hot chicken broth, various slices of meat, including chicken, fish, and meat up to nine varieties, with various seasonings and rice noodles.

    The most authentic and tasty Bridge Rice Noodles are served at the Qiao Xiang Yuan (Culture Street Branch), located at No. 2 Wenlin Jie, Jinma Biji Square, Kunming.

    Xuanwei Ham (Xuanwei Huotui)

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    Also called 'Yuntui' or 'Yunnan Ham', this ham is one of the three famous and best hams in China. The main ingredient in many local dishes, Yunnan Ham retains its unique flavor and can be stored for long periods of time. Offered in most local restaurants, ham preparation includes baking, salting, pestle, warming, and freezing.

    Modern Cake (Modeng Baba)

    Baba is popular in Yunnan. It is a food made of flour, corn powder, sticky rice, lard, sesame and meat. The creators of Modern Baba were two pretty sisters who made sweet and tasteful Baba that attracts people even today. Modern Baba has a crisp exterior and a soft interior; it is sweet with a savory cream sauce.


    Pastry is another local favorite in Kunming. Xuanwei Ham Moon cake is a Dian style moon cake praised even by emperors. Rose Cake is a seasonal fresh-tasting pastry with a stuffing of fragrant roses in bud. Best known is Dian Eight Articles, the representative pastry in Kunming. Eight Articles refers to eight cakes with eight different flavors. We recommend these as gifts.

    Other Kunming Snacks

    Besides Modeng Baba, other snacks include Shao Mai (steamed dumpling with the dough gathered at the top), Chou Doufu (bean curd), Wandou Fen (bean jelly), and Jicai Jiao (shepherd's purse dumpling).

    Dining Areas in Kunming
    • Neighboring on Xinan Dasha is a snack street
    • Guanshang Lu is recommended for wild mushrooms
    • Bei Damen Jie, Xingyuan Lu, Dianchi Lu and Guannan Dadao are famous Kunming dining areas.
    Western Cuisine in Kunming

    Most hotels in Kunming offer western food in a noise-free environment at prices much higher than those charged in common Western restaurants. Some western restaurants are listed below.

    Address: 20 Chuncheng Lu

    French Café
    Address: Wenlie Jie, Kunming

    Prague Café
    Address: No. 40 Wenlin Jie, Kunming

    Vegetarian Restaurant
    Address: Opposite the Yuantong Si, Yuantong Jie, Kunming

    Wei's Pizza
    Address: In an alley north off Tuodong Lu, Kunming

    Address: Wenhua Xiang, Kunming

    NOTE: Although this information is correct at the time of our web publication, it is still advised that you call the phone number and confirm the address before going to the venue because some venues may have changed their telephone numbers or address locations.