Dalian Sports & Recreation

Sports play a big role in Dalian's local culture. Dalian is most famous for soccer. Many of the nation's top soccer stars and by far the best team in China today, live or were born in the city. The city's mayor has even assisted a top league soccer team, by using foreign aid and the city's cash, to increase the city's sports image in the country and to bring local fame.

The city's soccer team has dominated the sport in China and Asia by winning 7 titles out of the past 9 years of Chinese professional soccer league. The city is also a powerhouse producing numerous track and field champions.

Besides the people's love for football, Dalian offers other activities to choose from, whether it's bowling or going to the health club.If visitors don't feel like heading to Olympic Square to watch a football game on the big screen, there are plenty of indoor recreational options for one to choose from.

The city boasts several beautiful beaches too, including Golden Pebble Beach (Jinshitan), Fujiazhuang Beach, and the beach at Xinghai.If the prospect of swimming in the chilling cold water excites you; bring your swimming suit to Dalian.All the beaches here are excellent for swimming and water sports, quite a rare thing in China. Also every year enthusiasts from all over the world participate in the Winter Swimming Festival in Dalian.Though a bit unconventional, it would however be an experience to remember.

Dalian also has a number of natural hot spring baths located around the surrounding city. Some of the spas within town also offer this facility, they are a great place to spend the day and relax, you can soak in the baths, have a foot massage in on of the lounges with cinema screen TVs, a bite to eat and some even have bars and live shows.

  • Swimming
  • Bowling
  • Fitness Centers
  • Taking a Run or a Stroll
  • Swimming

    Dalian Science & Technology University Swimming Pool
    Address: No. 2 Linggong Road, Ganjingzi District, Dalian
    Tel:(86411) 8470-6340 ext 818 / 888

    Dalian Citizen Healthy Center swimming Pool
    Address: No. 5 Titan Road, Shahekou District, Dalian
    Tel:(86411) 8480-0870


    Dalian Buyecheng Bowling Alley
    Address: No. 28 Shengli Plaza, Zhongshan District, Dalian
    Tel:(86411) 8250-2980

    Fitness Centers

    Nirvana Fitness and Spa
    Address: No. 8 Shengli Plaza, Zhongshan District, Dalian
    Tel:(86411) 8258-2008

    Impulse Total Fitness
    Address: No. 189 Jinma Road, Development District, Dalian
    Tel:(86411) 8753-8883

    Golden Corner Fashion Gym
    Address:No. 18 Huadong Road, Ganjinzi District, Dalian
    Tel:(86411) 8686-8409

    Taking a Run or a Stroll

    Take a run or a stroll along the Binhai Road which is located along the southern edge of the Dalian Peninsula. Binhai Road is a pretty, winding coastal road which splits into three main sections: Binhai West Road from Xinghai Square to Fujiazhuang; Binhai Middle Road from Fujiazhuang to Tiger Beach; and Binhai South Road and Binhai North Road from Tiger Beach to Donghai Beach.It is possible to walk along the entire 35 kilomoters (22 mioes) stretch in a day, but for those feeling less adventurous the Fujiazuang-Tiger Beach and Tiger Beach-Donghai Beach stretches also make for a rewarding walk.