Dalian Shopping

Dalian is a thriving modern city with high shopping standards. Dalian is also a fashion Mecca; the craze for the newest and most trendy styles culminates with the annual International Fashion Festival. Besides the impressive array of Versace and Gucci, the festival also celebrates traditional Chinese clothing, which includes qipaos and some nice, silk clothes.

There are four main shopping areas in the city: Qingniwan area, Tianjin Walking Street, and Xi'an Lu. For antiques or gifts, handicrafts, glassware, embroidery work, and shell carving can all be found on Tianjin Street, just off Youhao Square. For specialty shoppers in Dalian, the area also possesses some interesting trilobite fossils that can be bought on the way to the Jinshitan Scenic Area.

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  • Cultural Shops in Dalian

    Tianjinjie Cultural Relics Shop
    Address: No. 229 Tianjin Street, Zhongshan District, Dalian

    Shell Mosaics Factory Handicraft Store
    Address: No. 65 Bulao Street, Shahekou District, Dalian

    Calligraphy and Painting Studio
    Address: No. 7 Zhongshan Road, Zhongshan District, Dalian

    Shengdao Glassware Factory
    Address: No. 2 Xinan Road, Ganjingzi District, Dalian

    Shopping Areas in Dalian


    Like Beijing's Wangfujing and Shanghai's Nanjing Lu, Qingniwan area is a commercial landmark of the city and a popular tourist destination. It is a center for commodity fairs, tourist shopping, and city trade activities. It occupies an area of 120,000 square meters and features 150 retail shops, many famous brand clothes boutiques, and other exquisite goods shops. With an excellent location in front the Dalian Railway Station, this group of large shops and malls is the busiest shopping area in Dalian. Qiulin Women's Shop and Dalian Shopping Center are two prominent and renowned stores located here.

    Address: In Front of the Railway Station in the Downtown Area, Dalian

    Tianjin Walking Street

    One of the busiest pedestrian-only streets in Dalian as well as the city's oldest shopping street, Tianjin Walking Street is more than 1,000 meters long. It boasts many famous old shops and newly-built, large, modern trade enterprises. In recent years, the government turned it into an extravagant European style shopping area with all sorts of well known brands housed in a myriad of skyscrapers. Also, there are some cinemas, clubs, and 560 trade network centers along the street, including the Friendship Shopping City.

    Address: North of Zhongshan Square and East to Shengli (Victory) Square, Dalian3
    You can take Tourist Bus 801 (B) and 901 from the railway station

    Xi'an Lu

    This is a popular choice for locals with many supermarkets including Carrefour, Parkson, Wal-Mart, and other domestic retail outlets.

    Address: In the Western Part of the City Dalian

    Sports Facilities Market

    The Sports Facilities Market is a specialized market that produces and sells sporting goods and other sporting products. With eight branches and one factory, it is China's fourth largest sport shop. It sells mainly famous sporting gear, shoes, caps, fitness equipment, water sports facilities, and fishing articles, in more than 8,000 brands.

    Address: No. 60 Jianhua Street, Zhongshan District, Dalian

    Department Stores in Dalian

    There are many shopping places in Dalian. Listed below are only a few of the more famous shopping stores to be found in the city of Dalian.

    Tianbai Department Store

    Learn Chinese Language in ChinaThe Tianbai Department Store, located on Tianjin Street in Zhongshan District, provides both wholesale and retail items. With a long history and an enterprise of Dalian Tianbai Group Company Limited, it sells good merchandise, food, local and special products. The store was expanded in 1981 and a fly-over connects two buildings on both sides of the street together. Today, it has a business floor space of 15,000 square meters and carries more than 80,000 kinds of commodities.

    Address: No. 60 Tianjin Street, Zhongshan District, Dalian

    New Friendship Store

    On Renmin Road, the New Friendship Store is a shopping store which is very accessible to foreign tourists. Selling high-quality, well-known brands and special products, this shop is integrated with the five-star Furama Hotel. In the basement, it sells fashion clothes from home and abroad, women's accessories, shoes, hats, woolen products, and Goldlion exquisite articles for men. The food supermarket sells various food and daily-use articles, sanitary goods, and kitchen utensils.

    Address: No. 62 Renmin Road, Zhongshan District, Dalian

    Maikaile Dalian Mall

    This is a component part of the Dalian International Trade Mansion jointly run by Dalian Mall of Dalian Trade Group and Maikaile Company of Japan. It has a business floor space of 50,000 square meters selling food, fabrics, clothing, daily use articles, sports and recreational facilities, and a theater jointly run with a Japanese enterprise.

    Address: No. 57 Qingni Street., Zhongshan District, Dalian

    Dalian Mall

    China Business ProgramThe Dalian Mall is a retail enterprise which was built in 1937 and received its present name in 1981. Today, it is a large mall for shopping, relaxation, visits, sightseeing, gatherings, and recreational activities.

    Address: No. 1 Qingsan Street, Zhongshan District, Dalian

    Tianlun Trade Mansion

    At the west entrance oo the pedestrian Tianjin Walking Street in the downtown area of Dalian is the Tianlun Trade Mansion. The mansion has a floor space of 10,000 square meters along with excellent decoration in an elegant environment. It promotes a series of services such as annual checks for household electrical appliances, jewelry maintenance, decorating advice, and so on. It opened the first retail network in the city and has earned great support from customers.

    Address: No. 299 Tianjin Street, Zhongshan District, Dalian

    Zhongxing Dalian Trade Mansion

    The Zhongxing Dalian Trade Mansion, also called Dalian Hualian Trade Mansion, is a modern commercial enterprise combining shopping with recreational activities and catering. It has nine markets selling over 70,000 kinds of commodities including household necessities, general merchandise, shoes, hats, stationery, clocks, wristwatches, and goods for children.

    Address: 42 Youhao Steet, Zhongshan District, Dalian

    Friendship Commercial City

    Learn Mandarin Chinese in Dalian The Friendship Commercial City is a modern trade building composed of shopping, catering, recreational facilities, and offices. Its shopping mall has a business floor space of 15,000 square meters. Two floors underground and six floors above sell 100,000 kinds of commodities including household electrical appliances, household necessities, food, imported general merchandise, clothes for ladies and gentlemen, leather shoes and other leather products, sporting goods, and handicrafts.

    Address: No. 8 Rennin Road, Zhongshan District, at the intersection with Zhongshan Square, Dalian

    Shengli (Victory) Square Shopping Center

    The Victory Square Shopping Center is a shopping center that was established by Mr. Cai Chennan, a famous businessman from Taiwan. It has two European-style six story buildings, a three story basement and eight shopping streets with a total floor space of 147,000 square meters. It includes Shengli Fashion General Merchandise Hall, restaurants providing dishes of different flavors, supermarkets, underground famous commodity streets, electrical amusement ground, KTV rooms and a cinema.

    Address: No. 28 Shengli (Victory) Square, Zhongshan District, Dalian

    Qiulin Woman's Shop

    The Qinlin Woman's Shop sells fashionable clothing items, home appliances, and other commodities. This seven story building offers a selection of women's merchandise, including jewelry, cosmetics, clothes, and bags. The fourth and fifth floor is a sauna center and a beauty club. The sixth is a restaurant providing special food from Dalian, Shanghai and Thailand.

    Address: No. 108 Zhongshan Road, Qingniwan Bridge, Dalian

    Xianshi Qiulin Mansion

    The 5th floor sells children's commodities and stationery.

    Address: No. 18 Jiefang Road, Dalian


    A Sino-Japanese joint venture retail center, this mall sells Japanese home appliances, electronics and photography products. There is a dining street near the market providing western and Japanese style snacks.

    Address: B1/F - 6/F, International Commerce and Trade Center, Dalian


    Address: No. 22 - No. 38 Xi'an Road, Shahekou District, Dalian

    Friendship Exquisite Goods Shop

    Address: No. 18 Huizhan Road, Shahekou District, Dalian

    Friendship Store in Development Zone

    Address: No. 2 - 1 Wucaicheng District, Development Zone, Dalian

    South Korea Clothing Wholesales City

    Address: No. 244 Changjiang Road., Zhongshan District, Dalian

    Yujing Commercial City

    Address: No. 5 Dagong Street, Zhongshan District, Dalian

    Taiyangshen Aquatic Products Market

    Address: East Section, Quanshuicun, Huabei Road, Ganjingzi District, Dalian

    Zhongxing Dalian Trade Mansion

    Address: No. 42 Youhao Street, Zhongshan District, Dalian

    Rongsheng Square

    Address: No. 8 Wuhui Road, Zhongshan District, Dalian

    Liaoyu Group Dalian Sales Dept.

    Address: No. 38 Jiefang Road, Zhongshan District, Dalian

    Liaoning Times Shopping Center Address: No. 7 Gangwan Street, Zhongshan District, Dalian

    Guotai Mansion

    Address: No. 223 - No. 227 Tianjin Street, Zhongshan District, Dalian

    Supermarkets in Dalian

    Carrefour Supermarket

    The Carrefour Supermarket is a French supermarket chain which opened in 2000.

    Address: No. 665 Huanghe Road, Shahekou District, Dalian

    Wal Mart

    Branch 1: No. 147 Zhongshan Road, Dalian

    Branch 2: No. 2 Olympic Square, Xigang District, Dalian

    Bookstores in Dalian

    China National Books Imports and Exports Corporation

    This book store is Dalian's headquarters for foreign language books. It carries more than 100 English novels. Prices are a little high, but some books are discounted, costing only RMB 15 for a novel. In addition, shoppers will find fashion magazines, foreign language newspapers and periodicals, and CDs.

    Address: Sheng Li Square, Zhong Shan District, Dalian

    Jing Lian Bookshop

    This is the oldest and largest bookshop in Dalian. Shoppers will easily recognize the striking storefront sign, featuring various Chinese characters for the word "book". Inside you will find an ambience perfect for bookworms, with pillars displaying the works of renowned calligraphers, stools for sitting, and a literal maze of packed bookshelves.

    Address: No. 11 Xin Yue Li, Development Zone, (200 meters East of Bin Zhong Wang Restaurant), Dalian

    NOTE: Although this information is correct at the time of our web publication, it is still advised that you call the phone number and confirm the address before going to the venue because some venues may have changed their telephone numbers or address locations.