Dalian Night Life

The various squares in the city of Dalian are popular nightlife venues for local people. In the evening, parents with children, young adults, elder people and sightseeing tourists come to squares to stroll, play tennis and to exercise. They usually stay till midnight.

For those after a bit of nightlife, Dalian will not disappoint with it's wealth of pubs, clubs, and entertainment facilities, both modern and traditional, to suit most tastes. Pub crawlers may be a tad disappointed, since Dalian pubs and clubs are a little expensive

For pubs and clubs your best bet is to head to the two main squares, the Youhao and Zhongshan, where a host of drinking and dancing establishments can be found.At Youhao square, the most popular is probably the Sun City bar, although if this is full you should have no trouble finding others.

Near to Zhongshan Square, Renmin Lu is probably your next best destination, the Casablanca Cafe and Bar has good music and a good array of expensive beers, while the Greenery Beerhouse does western snacks.For nightclubs, men will have to be careful, for they often have a door charge.

But for those not interested in the club scene, then you can take in a acrobatic dance show or watch a movie at one of the many cinemas to be found in Dalian.

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  • Entertainment Complexes in Dalian

    Zhongshan Square
    Zhongshan Square is actually a circle, surrounded by streets filled with Japanese and Russian architecture. There, you'll find western dance music blasting out of the many shops, some of the more fashionable people (depending on your definition of fashion,) and two of the main shopping streets in Dalian, Shanghai Road and Tianjin Street.

    Xinghai Square

    The Xinghai Square, or Xinghai Plaza, is a city square in Dalian, China.It is located to the north of Xinghai Bay.Its total area is 45,000 square meters. Built in 1994, its name literally means "the Sea of Stars" because its center looks like a star, with two white marble cloud pillars and nine giant dings. For 10 days in late July-early August, Xinghai Square holds the annual International Beer Festival.

    Benshan Entertainment

    This popular entertainment center is owned and run by Zhao Benshan one of the China's biggest celebrities. The complex includes live band venue featuring local and international bands where it also hosts a luxurious karaoke bar, disco and also a sea food restaurant.It is located on No. 88 Mingzhe Street, Zhongshan District, Dalian.

    Bars & Nightclubs in Dalian

    For pubs and clubs the best bet is to head to the two main squares, the Youhao and Zhongshan, where a host of drinking and dancing establishments can be found. At Youhao square, the most popular is probably the Sun City bar, although if it is full, travelers should have no trouble finding others. Near to Zhongshan Square, Renmin Lu is probably your next best destination, as there are bars lining the street. For nightclubs, men should be careful, for they will often have a door charge.

    Blut Sky Bar
    Address: Just off Gangwan Guangchang, Dalian
    Tel:(86411) 8597-8377

    Shuangzizuo Bar
    Address: No. 14 Changjiang Road, behind the Shangrila, Dalian
    Tel: (86411) 8264-1443

    Cross-Country Bar
    Decorated in a cool and mysterious style, this bar is a fashionable place popular with young people.
    Address: No. 415 Huanghe Road, Shahekou District, Dalian

    Tian Hao
    It's a music themed bar opened by Bird Band, a former well-known band, who gave country music performances in city bars.
    Address:Next to Children's Palace, Renmin Square, Dalian

    Max Bar
    Address: Renmin Road, Hai Zhi Xiang, Zhongshan District, Dalian

    5th Street Disco Pub
    Address: No. 155 Youhao Road, Zhongshan District, Dalian

    Korean designed, this is a gracefully decorated cocktail bar. Bartenders from Korea present fantastic COCK-TAIL Shows.
    Address: Opposite of Liangyun Hotel, Dalian

    This is an entertaining venue for performances.
    Address:Opposite Spark, Dalian

    The Sphinx Bar
    Located close to the Hilton, Shangri-La and Furama Hotels.
    Address: No. 14 Chang Jiang Lu, Zhongshan District, Dalian

    Red Star Bar
    Address: Sanba Square, Opposite Tianshang Renjian Hotel, Dalian

    Windsor Town
    Address: No. 201 - 9 Xinhua Street, Shaqu District, Dalian

    Square Story Cafe
    Address: No. 6 of Sanba Square, Dalian

    Venice Bar
    Address:No. 12 1 Renmin Road, Zhongshan District, Dalian

    Karaoke in Dalian

    Holiday KTV
    This is the best-known KTV (Karaoke) venue in the city with well-equipped small rooms for private entertaining.

    Address:No. 1 Section A, Xinghai Square, Dalian

    Performing Arts in Dalian

    Dalian Acrobat and Modern Dancing Troupe

    Dalian is famed for its local acrobat and modern dancing troupe, as well as the well-known "first peasant wind band of China", a somewhat comical Communist propaganda stunt, that actually play with some style. Many of these performances can be seen at the Kylin Stage, a theatre on Kunming Street in Dalian.

    Traditional Chinese Opera

    For those interested in more localized musical performances Dalian offers a couple of options. The Peking Opera House, a former Japanese Shinto temple located between Labour Park and the Foreign Languages University, offers regular performances of Peking Opera. For those interested in catching the kinds of opera more associated with north-eastern China there's a theatre just behind the Ramada Hotel, Victory Square, which specializes in local opera forms.

    Concert Performances in Dalian

    Another form of night entertainment is to listen to a concert at the People's Cultural Club. The People's Cultural Club, off Zhongshan Square, was built in 1951 and today serves as the main concert hall of the city. A wide variety of orchestral, operatic and ballet performances are held, performed by local and touring companies.

    Cinemas in Dalian

    Dalian is home to many cinema halls playing many Hollywood flicks. And if you have time, do not forget to experience Chinese movies. Comprising of breath taking stunts and amazing feats of martial arts, the nicely woven stories would surely be worth the viewing time.

    For English movies, you should go to the Warner-Wanda cinema on the north side of Olympic Square or the Ownar Cineplex in the He Ping shopping centre north of Xinghai Square. For movies in Chinese, there are a cluster of cinemas in the centre of town around Youhao Square.

    Study Mandarin Chinese in BeijingAo Na Movie City
    Address:2/F Heping Square, No. 695 Gao Er Ji Road, Shahekou District, Dalian
    Tel: (86411) 8431-3200

    Warner-Wanda Cinema
    Address:North side of Olympic Square, Xigang District, Dalian
    Tel: (86411) 8366-9988

    Taihe Cinema
    Address: No. 8 You Yi (Friendship) Square, Zhongshan District, Dalian
    Tel:(86411) 8280-8395

    Study Mandarin Chinese in BeijingDalian Youhao Cinema
    Address: Youhao Plaza, Zhongshan District, Dalian
    Tel:(86411) 8280-7056

    Dalian Red Star Cinema
    Address: No. 6 Chengyi Street, Shahekou District Dalian
    Tel:(86411) 8464-1068