Dalian Major Events & Festivals

Study Chinese Language in ChinaDalian hosts several big events throughout the year. During such big events, Dalian also generally holds a dragon dancing competition with 150 meter long dragons zigzagging through the streets.

  • Dalian International Fashion Festival
  • Dalian Import & Export Commodity Fair
  • Dalian Spring Festival Fireworks & Firecrackers     Gathering

  • Acacia Festival
  • Dalian International Marathon
  • Dalian Winter Swimming Festival
  • Dalian Beer Festival
  • Dalian International Fashion Festival

    Learn to Speak Chinese Every September Dalian hosts the Dalian International Fashion Festival.This festival is a chance for many major foreign companies to showcase their new products and sign up buyers. Before the festival, the city holds an opening ceremony attended by government officials as well as famous stars of the entertainment world.

    This annual festival is undoubtedly the biggest event in the city.It not only showcases Dalianer's love for life and beauty, but also expresses their desire to open up to the rest of the world.The event itself brings together designers, commercial arena models, fashion agents, and fabric manufacturers from all over the world.

    The schedule usually includes a series of collections by some of the world's top designers, forums for dress and adornments, cultural seminars, and a garment & fabric expo.At the same time, it also features a city carnival, where singers, dancers, and musicians head for town to display their talents.The gala is usually unveiled at the beginning of September and lasts for one week.

    Dalian Import & Export Commodity Fair

    Founded in 1987, the Dalian Import and Export Commodity Fair has been successfully held at the end of May for years in the Xinghai Convention & Exhibition Center.It is a fair that concentrates on the field of industrial and mineral products and attracts thousands of participants annually.

    Dalian Spring Festival Fireworks & Firecrackers Gathering

    Like Christmas to westerners, the Spring Festival is undoubtedly the most important event during the year for the Chinese. Though the celebrations follow different customs in each region to mark the day, setting off fireworks and firecrackers is a common tradition and is believed to be able to break the darkness and scare away any demons or bad luck.

    To get a glimpse into the real local culture, you should attend the gathering held in Xinghai Square in Dalian, usually from January 2 to 7 under the Chinese lunar calendar, or in mid February according to the Gregorian calendar.As the traditional festivities have been banned under the auspices of environmental protection in most other cities, you will get the rare authentic celebration in Dalian.

    Acacia Festival

    Dalian is also well known as the "oriental acacia city", for its flourishing acacia trees can be seen everywhere alongside the streets, in the parks, or in the courtyards of the commons.Every year the city wafts a fragrant smell when they are in full bloom around May and June, not to mention their lantern-like beauty.Because of the acacia, spring is a very significant season for the people in Dalian

    Dalian International Marathon

    Learn Mandarin in ChinaSince 1987, the Dalian International Marathon has been held on the last Sunday of October every year. Thousands of athletes and amateurs from home and abroad participate in this event.This event was upgraded to an international event upon approval by the World Track & Field League in 1997.

    Dalian Winter Swimming Festival

    The Dalian Winter Swimming Fesitval, though a bit unconventional, is an experience to remember if you actually go for a dip! So if the prospect of swimming in the chilling cold water excites you; bring your swimming suit to Dalian for every year enthusiasts from all over the world participate in the Winter Swimming Festival in Dalian.

    Dalian Beer Festival

    Dalian holds an annual beer festival from July 28 to August 8.Following Qingdao's Annual Beer Festival and that of Germany's October Fest, the Dalian Beer Festival takes place in Xinghai Square. More than 50 Chinese and foreign breweries gather at this festival to showcase their products and also held are various parties parades and events.